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  • 19 – 23 june 2023
  • 40+ event hosts
  • 5000+ attendees

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About London EdTech Week

London EdTech Week is week-long celebration featuring 40+ event hosts showcasing the Now & Next of the future of learning and work. We are an open and collaborative platform and welcome any member of the global learning ecosystem to take part in the fifth edition of London EdTech Week by organising its own event, bringing their community or joining 5000+ global attendees from 19 – 23 June 2023.

Thank you to our 2022 Co-Chairs and Event Hosts

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Explore the 2022 London EdTech Week events which were hosted this June.

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Showcasing previous London EdTech Week event hosts who have powered collaborative, connected events across London celebrating the future of learning and work.

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We invite anyone to host an event during London EdTech Week – register below to bring your own event, suggest a speaker, showcase your company, highlight innovation in EdTech or invite your community to participate

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London EdTech Week is an exciting opportunity to bring together so many innovators, entrepreneurs and education experts who will shape the future of our education system.
Innovation in education requires collaborative and community-led approaches and that’s why we are thrilled to connect, together with our ten co-chairs, the entire EdTech ecosystem through a collaborative and community-led week-long event series.
The UK is leading the way in EdTech innovation so it’s great that London will host what promises to be a remarkable series of events bringing together the global EdTech community, education thought-leaders & investors from around the world.
Celebrating London’s thriving EdTech ecosystem with a London Edtech Week is a totally winning idea, which is why The EdTech Podcast is delighted to be participating in our LIVE podcast event.
Connecting people has always been at the heart of EdTech Exchange, and so we’re delighted to be co-hosting a VIP drinks reception to end the EdTech Europe conference, and as part of the wider London EdTech Week events.

Joysy John


Benjamin Vedrenne-Cloquet


Nina Iles


Sophie Bailey

The EdTech Podcast

George Burgess

EdTech Exchange

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